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the interconnectivity of the human spirit

Biography is at the crossroads between Fashion and Technology, a 360 degree overview of what is happening in the world of fashion, as observed by professionals using the latest cellular and web 2.0 technologies. 360Fashion is about the interconnectivity of the human spirit. With 360Fashion we bring together different voices from all corners of the fashion world from models, to photographers, to journalists, to scouts, to designers.

Together, we give you insight into their daily lives, multiple perspectives of the fashion industry, images and words of what they are passionate about, and a view the ties together their emotions, thoughts, and actions.

360Fashion sprung, like Athena, from the creative mind of Anina, a "new kind of supermodel". Infused by her enthusiasm to share her passions, and buoyed by the combined excitement of all involved, 360Fashion has grown beyond her creator into something special and well recognized in the world.

Browse the 360Fashion world. Interact with everyone and leave a trail of comments to let others know what you think of what you read and see. While 360Fashion might be created from the mobile perspective of the fashion professionals within the industry, the interconnectivity in the conversation is only complete if you participate.

written by CHARLIE SCHICK, Father of the Lifeblog Project